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Learn from me.

One of the most gratifying parts of my career is burlesque education. I have taught progressive courses with the Chicago Academy of Burlesque and the  New Orleans School of Burlesque, and offer my two workshops on the road.

By popular demand from students across the globe, I am now offering ways to learn from your own home! Find workshops, workbooks, consultation forms and more below.

My acclaimed costuming workshop "Choices!" was awarded a 4.9/5 by reviewers at Burlycon, and is now available as a video for audiences across the world.



"Choices! Creative Costuming & How to Leave them Gagging" is a lecture-style workshop designed to help you make more intentional costuming choices & create fierce, gag-worthy burly looks. Every choice we make in the creation process, from vision to design to performance, is an opportunity to express our character, emphasize our movement, or present jaw-dropping dazzle. Learn from Aria's Ten Commandments of Costuming how to maximize your costume's effectiveness-- and make it work for you! This digital download costs $25 and includes an hour long video, plus students also receive special discount codes for some of Aria's favorite resources! 

You will be directed to login via PayPal to receive the digital download from Fetch.



Rework! Revise! Revive! is an act revising workbook that helps students re-approach their work from Aria’s thoughtful and thorough perspective. Students are asked to consider their ideal vision for the act using a set of journal prompts (remembering that the sky’s the limit!). Then, they’ll look at the existing work & examine how they can maximize the potential of their act and manifest their visions. The workbook helps students put a plan in place for character building, costuming and choreographing.

This digital download costs $22 and includes a 34 page PDF file.



You will be directed to login via PayPal to receive the digital download from Fetch!



Want Aria's expert burlesque costuming advice? Costume consults offer individualized advice for your costume dilemmas at only $50. Begin the consult by describing the project at hand--- do your best to leave nothing unsaid. The more information you provide me, the better I can help you! For an existing act, a video and an explanation of your goals and specific areas of concern is great. For a future act, I want to know your concept, your music, your character, any pieces you're interested in, and visual themes you're leaning toward. After 3 - 7 days, I will email you back to set up a Skype date in which I'll share my ideas and research with you, and we'll work to arrive at the costume of your dreams!



Give the act some oomph, smooth out the kinks, get in to that festival, bring it to a competitive level... whatever your goals, I can help you with that act! Virtual act workshops are a $50 service. Send me a video of your performance, as well as a description of your goals for the act and any specific concerns or desires you might have. In 3 - 7 days, I will email you back with a long and detailed account of my feedback for the act. You can ask any clarifying questions you might have, and I'll help to guide you! 

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