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Costume design

A kick-ass costume can really help you wow a crowd. We don't all have an innate design sense, and sometimes outsourcing can save you a load of time while offering a learning opportunity. As a skilled and experienced designer, I am now offering design services from top to bottom.


Choose from a set of services that will help you achieve your costume dreams. Whether you just want a push in the right direction, or you need my handiwork, I'm here to provide my expertise.


You have an idea-- or a million ideas-- and want to refine your concept and the framework of the act. I'll provide a fresh perspective to help you add & edit until your concept is killer. Email back-and-forth, capped off with a Skype session to answer any lingering questions.


You've got a great idea, but aren't super experienced with or knowledgable about fashion. You know that with some help, you could create something truly majestic. I'll help you come to a complete costume design--down to the pasties-- that is cohesive, polished and unique. We'll start with an email discussion, create a moodboard together, and you will receive a set of sketches of potential designs.

MAKE IT WORK - per project basis

Got your designs, but don't know where to start? Let me help you bring these designs from paper to stage. I'll use my own sewing skills as well as my network of costumers to assemble the costume-- within your given budget. Sit back & watch as your dream costume comes together!


You love the therapeutic act of rhinestoning, but are often disappointed by the results of your labour. Take advantage of my embellishment design service: I'll give you a complete plan, from what to buy, how much to get, and how to lay it out. Get ready for the compliments on your beautiful and unique garment-- and you get to say, "Thanks, I made it!"


STONED TO DEATH - per project basis

A wise woman once said $100 in well-placed rhinestones is worth more than $300 laid in a careless frenzy. It's me, I'm the wise woman. Leave embellishing to a pro! I will transform bare garments into something absolutely spectacular, using a blend of appliqués, rhinestones, beads, and other materials.  

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